About Us

DrainCleaner.org is created by a group of people that have a keen interest in home improvement and DIY, working in professions related to these fields.

Our interest in drain cleaning stemmed from a time when we tackled a very tough job for a friend of ours, he had an extreme case of blocked drains in an old building with a very archaic network of pipes. We wanted to see if it was possible to fix the water system without hiring a plumber, so we set out on this adventure to various stores and shopped online for a huge number of consumer products. After much frustration and trial and error, we succeeded to completely unclog all the pipes and drains in the house (probably could of called in a plumber for the amount we eventually spent).

After our success we had the idea of building a website detailing some of the best products on the market in order to help save people time and money. We strongly felt there was definitely a lack of non-biased information on many of the drain cleaning items so it just made sense to go ahead with the idea.

We hope you find our information useful in your quest to solve those pesky blocked drains and do come back to visit us whenever you’re in need of assistance.