Plumbing Services | Choosing the Right One and What to Expect

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So you’ve tried to remedy your blocked drain or clogged toilet with no joy, or maybe you’ve encountered something much more serious. It’s time to call out the professional.

To find high quality, reliable plumbing services there are several things you can check beforehand to lower the risk of hiring someone that actually makes your problems worse not better.

What Do The Professionals Actually Do?

Residential plumbing is a highly skilled profession that is always in great demand due to the obvious fact that every home needs a fully functioning water and drainage system. The main role of a plumber is to perform repairs and replacements on broken or faulty piping systems, they also offer a variety of other assistances (too many to mention here!)

While your buddy from work might know a guy that knows a guy that is rather handy at DIY around his home, for any serious residential plumbing job this is a huge NO-NO, unless he has a proven track record with gleaming testimonials (ones given several weeks to months after he did the job), even so, using an unlicensed professional to do a job is a huge risk to both you are your neighbors.

The second worst thing you could do is whack open the Yellow pages and pick the first number offering water and sewerage fixing, or opting for the business that offers the lowest prices without doing any research beforehand. Remember, this is your home and a bodged job could cost you thousands more to correct it and in the meantime render your home almost uninhabitable if the damage is major.

choosing the best plumbing services

Qualifications vs Experience

Seeking out residential plumbing professionals that have qualifications is logical and does have some merit, however the most vital quality that makes for an efficient plumber is a great deal of infield experience. This is usually gained through internships and apprenticeships and should be something you thoroughly investigate before making your decision (you’ll find the top plumbers have qualifications as well as several years of experience).

Do not be afraid to call up and ask about the experience of the plumber in question before you call them out, the more years on the job obviously the better. Although state dependent, to attain a license enabling plumbers to work professionally they need to have racked up thousands of hours of training so if you choose a reputable company then the odds are your house will be in safe hands.

What to Expect from your Plumber

As with any trade skill worker, you should expect your chosen plumber to be punctual, personable and courteous when he first arrives at your home, anything less you should consider turning them away and making a complaint, as if their personal demeanor is unprofessional then it’s quite likely so is their work. If they show up without an abundance of tools to tackle the job appropriately and provide a solution you know they aren’t the one for you

Another very important trait of to be looking out for from the better companies is that they have a high level of integrity and are fully honest with you. This isn’t something you can judge easily if at all as they are performing maintenance on something you most likely have no knowledge about. However, if you are getting a dishonest vibe from the plumber and feel you are being taken for a ride, then get a second plumbers opinion if they are asking for a considerable amount of money for a repair. You hear many horror stories of homeowners being ripped off by residential plumbing businesses, over-paying for parts and services they don’t even need, don’t become one of them!

Cheap Prices Mean Cheap Quality

Often but not always (there are exceptions to every rule), the handyman quoting you with the lowest prices are not going to complete the work to a standard that will endure the most important test, that is, the test of time. They want you to think that you are saving a tidy sum of money by choosing them, but the disappointing reality is that the hands of a plumber are more than likely going to be required not too long after the initial job has been completed. This is usually a result of the plumber doing the bare minimum to give the appearance of a job well done, knowing full well the fix has little longevity.

The cheapest establishments may also rush to get the job done and also have employed much lesser skilled staff, as the most experienced will either have their own independent business or be working for the company that pays them the highest wages, Something to strongly keep in mind. If you have received multiple price quotes of huge disparities from various residential plumbing companies, there’s no shame in asking the more expensive ones what it is that’s bringing up the costs in comparison to others, you’ll usually receive a valid explanation and possibly even a small discount! As you read in our guide to septic tank pumping cost, suspicions should be raised if the price of the service is too good to be true.

plumbing servicesGuarantees are a Sign of Quality

A great deal of drain cleaning companies offered at a low price range will not offer a guarantee of work done due to some of the reasons listed above (well, maybe there’s a guarantee until the check has cleared).

This is probably what should be your biggest factor in deciding on which plumber to take the plunge with as a guarantee that they will come back for free if the fault returns, or something goes wrong in the same area that they repaired is a huge bit of peace of mind and reassurance for the homeowner. Plumbers that can give this guarantee are sure of the standard of their work and know it is carried out to last rather than a quick fix and never look back. Look for plumbing services offering a guarantee of at least 12 months which is plenty of time to know if it was a job well done.

The majority of good plumbers will offer advice on how to prevent future issues and how to maintain a good system so take advantage of their knowledge.


So to summarize:

  • Don’t get an amateur to tackle a big job
  • Avoid unfriendly and uncooperative plumbers
  • If in doubt get a second or even third opinion on a residential plumbing job
  • Stay away from companies boasting the cheapest costs
  • Do not consider jobs from businesses that do not offer a guarantee.

We hope you’ve found this article useful and it assists in your choosing of a drain cleaning expert.

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