5 Awesome Tips to Clear Clogged Kitchen Sink

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We’ve all been there, after months to years of abusing your kitchen sink, invading its hole with grease and leftover meat (why did we try to make that sound so vile?) a clogged kitchen sink is practically inevitable.

If you’ve browsed our page on drain cleaner but find yourself still looking for tips more specific to clearing clogged kitchen sinks then hopefully this will answer all your questions. Following these tips in order will prove to be the most effective way to unclog the drain.

unclog drain kitchen sink

5. The Least Risky First

This means grabbing that dust covered plunger in the cupboard under the sink (or pop down to the local store if you’re that unprepared) and get plunging. Having the right sized cup (the rubbery bit on the plunger) is actually quite important but if you don’t have it you can still make an impact on the junk clogging the pipe. Make sure there is enough water filled in the sink to at least a depth that fully submerges the cup and get to work. Using one is pretty self explanatory, push down and pull up consecutive times, ideally until your out of breath or the water begins to drain properly. If this technique doesn’t work then in all likelihood the clogged kitchen sink needs a more aggressive method as the block is too far down for the plunger to generate enough suction to dislodge it. On to tip 4!

4. Getting Inventive

(If you’re sink is at a complete standstill skip to tip number 3 then do this process immediately afterwards.) This little housewives secret has been mentioned on our clogged drain prevention guide, click the link to see a bit more detail on the instructions. the basics are as follows, run hot water to heat pipes, drop down baking soda and leave for a few minutes, pour down a generous helping of vinegar, leave for 10 minutes then rinse it away with plenty of hot or boiling water. This combination packs a pretty mean punch when executed properly and can clear some fairly tough blockages.

3. Spin to Clear That Clogged Kitchen Sink

If you find yourself at this stage after no success with the previous tips, it’s unfortunately the time you have to start spending money. A drain auger is an inexpensive handy device to add to your arsenal of home repair tools and it can be reused many times so do not feel like it’s a waste of money. The principle of these devices is that an extendable coiled wire can be inserted down your drain and manually, or drill powered, be rotated while navigating around the pipe bends, enabling it to reach very deep down clogs and spin to break up and dislodge the waste.

2. Blast It!

So you’ve tried the old school plunger, the homemade concoction, the revolving toy and the water just isn’t flowing freely. It’s time to get serious. We often recommend that this is as far as you go to try and clear your clogged sink if it is a major blockage (if there’s no movement in water flow it’s major) unless you are confident in your ability to truly solve the clog without the help of a plumber. The drain opener pressurized can is sort of a last resort after you’ve tried all the previous suggestions. One blast of high velocity air might be all it takes to unsettle that pesky waste that’s clinging onto the edges of your pipes for grim life, we guarantee that it’s strength has been severely reduced if you followed our instructions. The brand we reviewed on our home page seems to have proven to be the most effective but feel free to shop around and check out other reviews of similar products.

1. The last stand

We strongly recommend that if your blockage is not clear by this point then you should bite the bullet and call a few residential plumbing services. Using chemicals could potentially make you have to shell out more money if it doesn’t work out as your pipes now contain skin corrosive lye that many plumbers consider toxic waste that they will charge extra as they need to dispose of it. So we basically just summed up what the 5th tip is. You could find safer chemical products first before moving onto the harder stuff but the chances are if the 4 previous tips didn’t work out then over the counter Drano sure won’t, and your pouring money down the (clogged) drain. Check out the list of products on our homepage to find some tried and tested lye based drain openers but take the warnings seriously.


We hope we have helped with your quest to clear your clogged kitchen sink, stay tuned for more articles soon. Also check out our quick guide to detecting water leaks if you suspect your plumbing is defunct.

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